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Counting Down the Days Until "Cross Generations; bridging the gap of artists"

We are finally within a week of opening our upcoming collaboration with Museum of Creative Human Art (MOCHA), Cross Generations; bridging the gap of artists. Our next

installment in our exhibition season will bring artists across multiple generations and disciplines together under one roof from July 30 through Sep 17, 2021. MOCHA states, “Relationships are the critical ingredient in well-being, particularly as we age”. Combining the voices of the older and younger generations, this show is a testament of the best work from these artists at this moment in time, creating an artist network and celebrating comradery. Amplifying our artists of color, this exhibition is our collaborative way to shift our focus, bridge the gap, and continue to highlight our artists in our community. Our featured artists include Lawrence Baker, Davon Brantley, Orlando Caraballo, Amirah Cunningham, Destyni Green, James Holloway, Joyce Morrow Jones, Sydney Nicole Kay, Amanda King, Aaron Paschal, Joshua “Jayepinot” Perkins, Theadis Reagins , Bobbi Reagins, Miguel Rivera-Vera, Lo Smith, Amani Williams, and Tony Williams.

Opening reception is THIS FRIDAY, Jul 30, 2021. We hope to see all our friends out to support this exciting new exhibition. The opening reception will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Following this reception, our galleries will be open Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm, to stop in and walk through the show.

About Museum Of Creative Human Arts

Museum of Creative Human Art uses a character-based approach to bridge creative expression with education and personal development. We provide a space for underserved youth to learn, connect, create, and share. At the heart of our work is a focus on cultivating conscientiousness, moral agency, core values, and the social attitudes necessary for individuals to make meaningful contributions to society.

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