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Gearing Up For Our Juried Exhibition This Coming March

The invention of paper was a catalyst to the surge of education and development of art around the world. For the past 2000 years, paper has evolved in a multitude of directions, many directly connected to our daily lives. Here at the Morgan, we not only preserve the authentic techniques of papermaking but celebrate the innovative techniques artists are using to create with paper as a medium. It continues to trigger inspiration and impact almost every aspect of our lives. Calling forth periods of isolation throughout the COVID-19

pandemic, our vision behind the theme for this year's exhibition, Introspection/Retrospection, is to celebrate the art that was conceived in times of isolation and reintegration. Once these ideas were triggered or planted, they could spark periods of introspection and retrospection during a time of quiet respite.

Our jurors this year are Sienna Brown, a curator at the Cleveland Clinic, and Jared Ledesma, the senior curator at the Akron Art Museum. A total of 92 artists hailing from coast to coast have submitted their work for this year's decennium, totaling just under 240 works! With our annual juried exhibition, we are able to continue this exploration and celebration of the paper arts! The show will open March 25, 2022, and will run through May 6, with a virtual experience to be made available on our website closer to the opening date!

Looking toward summer on our campus, we will have a full schedule of workshops running! These will take place either virtually or in one of our three studios. If you have been on the fence about participating, we urge you to not wait another year! Our winter season, which kicked off last November, has been proving to be one of the most successful since the beginning of the pandemic, with the majority of in-person workshops filling up quickly due to our reduced class sizes. Head over to our website,, to stay up-to-date on our summer season!

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