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Welcome Fall at the Morgan's Annual Community Kozo Harvest!

Fall is here and as the leaves in the Morgan’s Sam Caraboolad Garden begin to change color, we know that our Annual Community Kozo Harvest is around the corner!

Join us on November 11th & 12th from 10am-4pm as we harvest raw Kozo fiber from our garden and prepare to turn it into paper. Enjoy this free-to-the-community, hands-on learning experience with food and drink to match.

Kozo, also called paper mulberry, is the same type of fiber grown, harvested and transformed into paper each year at the Morgan through the art of Eastern Papermaking. Growing our raw material on-site reduces the ecological impact of importing the fibers from Asia and also creates a self-sustaining cycle of papermaking from plant-to-paper.

The Morgan’s Sam Caraboolad Garden is an urban oasis tucked into the industrial brick scenery of Cleveland’s MidTown neighborhood. It is one of the largest Japanese Kozo (mulberry) tree groves in the United States grown for papermaking and provides much of the raw material for the production of handmade papers inside the Morgan Conservatory. Our talented papermakers create a full line of handmade papers in a variety of natural fibers including Kozo, Flax, and Milkweed that are sold in the Morgan's Store.

The Morgan’s Annual Kozo Harvest is a free community event every Fall that serves as a hands-on introduction to the foundation of papermaking. Participants will get the opportunity to learn about the Morgan as well as the Eastern tradition of processing plant fiber, which has been used to make handmade paper for more than 2000 years. This is a FREE family-friendly event for all ages and open to all.

If you'd like to learn more about the holistic process of traditional Japanese Paper making or the Morgan's sustainable paper fiber garden, then join us for our Annual Community Kozo Harvest on November 11 & 12th, 10am to 4pm. Walk-in visitors are welcome to come by to watch, casually dip their toes in the experience, or dive in by signing-up to volunteer for both days. We will be serving hot beverages and chili to keep you toasty alongside the steamed kozo. Volunteers who attend both days are eligible for a free workshop at the Morgan for our winter or summer sessions. Click here to sign up to volunteer today!

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