The Artist Curated line has been developed based on feedback from professional artists who have experimented and worked with the papers made at the Morgan Conservatory.


Chosen for their versatility and unique characteristics, these high-quality papers offer much more durability than machine-made papers. These papers are suitable for drawing, painting, photography processes, printmaking, and paper folding.


The papers in the Artist Curated line are made from cotton, abaca, flax and blends of these fibers. Each sheet is archival quality and has four deckle edges. The sheets are 18” x 24”, approximately 0.008” thick and are available with or without sizing.


Cotton: Suitable for drawing, painting, inkjet and alternative photography processes, monotype, intaglio, relief, collograph, screenprinting and letterpress printing. 


Cotton/Abaca: Recomended for drawing, relief, letterpress printing, and paper folding.


Bleached Abaca: Recomended for drawing, relief, letterpress printing, and paper folding.


Flax: Recomended for drawing and paper folding.


Flax/abaca: Recomended for lightweight Case Paper.


Since each sheet is made by hand, quantities are limited. If our current inventory doesn't fulfil your demand, please contact us at 216.361.9255 or

Artist Curated Line

  • All requests for returns are evaluated on an individual basis. 

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