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We are looking for a Licensed Gynecologist who can provide excellent care & advice. To improve the health and care of our female patients in the hospital. Join us for opportunities to develop and maximize your professional skills and start working in the hospital. Fresher and experienced doctor apply for the gynecologist job. Gynecologist job description Perform regular annual exams on patients (e.g. Pap smears). Always analyze records, reports, test results or test information to determine the patient's medical condition. Explain procedures and work with patients on test results or determinations Maintain patient information, such as collecting medical history, reports and test results, and maintaining records Monitor patients during pregnancy and give them proper pregnancy advice. Treat infections of the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Identify the development of cancer throughout the reproductive system. Refer the patient to a medical specialist if necessary. Provide and treat new mothers with postpartum care Gynecologist requirements Share sensitive information with patients and families. Ability to provide a calming presence for patients in times of crisis. Medical degree from a recognized university and licensing in the appropriate state Please have a good grasp of the language so that it is easier to help patients Education - Ms, Dnb. Do. Salary 135000 to 226000 Rs per month. Salary negotiable best in the industry. Accommodation is free of cost. Educational Requirements: Ms, Dnb, Dgo Required Experience: 0 - 5 years.