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Vacuum machines have always been many cleaners sufficient right-hand man, and in my case, my Shark apex uplight corded lift away vacuum has done its job well for around two years now. Truthfully, I was not very mindful of ways that could help me lengthen my vacuum longevity at first. Then after having the experience of witnessing my friend's vacuum completely shut down a year after he purchased it, I've taken into consideration what I can do to preserve my shark apex vacuum cleaner since then. I will begin to list out some of the tips that I've gathered that I feel are really useful. Also, you don't have to worry if you're not using the exact shark uplight vacuum like me because vacuum cleaners' main parts are probably not that different from each other.

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1. Prioritize cleaning the filters

Filters are one of the many crucial parts of any vacuum. If you don't clean it carefully, the suction power might decrease gradually. That is why with my shark apex uplight duoclean vacuum, I always clean it once a month. Most shark filters are made out of foam rubber, so you should rinse them gently rather than scrub them too hard. After that, just let it dry naturally for a day. This task is not the most enjoyable one because sometimes we have to take out parts then reassemble them. But trust me when I say that a little cleaning can help you go a long way.

2. Check for blockages and tangles.

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