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Therefore, all efforts should be focused on easing your Internet user. You must also create a positive impression on your customers by ensuring they appreciate your website to make your business successful.

Connecting with social networks

Social networks are one of the most popular uses for mobile devices. The majority of web users access their social networks using their phone or tablet however it can be very difficult to identify someone connected via a computer in fact, some social networks do not even have desktop versions!

The main point is that when your social media presence is strong the people that are interested in your content will be directed to your website. If your website's performance isn't up to par, your potential clients will be disappointed.

You should consider your mobile site seriously as a large percentage of the social networking connections that your website receives.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about "mobile first" and this about social media and the growing preference of users to use mobile devices is what has resulted in a variety of people not having only mobile versions as well as making it a priority of said version.

As I've said before Create your mobile-friendly website first before you design your desktop version. This is due to the fact that the mobile version can be more restrictive.

Responsive web design works better for SEO

This is something that I previously mentioned in my previous posts. A responsive web design is more effective for optimizing. Google will rank web sites that provide a superior user experience better in search results. You can test this by testing your competitors.

At this point I'd like to remind you that Google will always favor the responsive design over the other designs (or pages with a responsive design). This happens because it is optimized.

It's a better method to browse web pages and avoid confusion. That's why I always state (in terms SEO)"If the search engine is pleased, I'm happy.

To ensure that statistics are kept

The benefit of responsive design is that since it's not two distinct web pages, the data can be analysed much better. If you want to keep track of the activity on your website, which you shouldn't you should, it's much simpler by having one website.

In reality, if you utilize Google Analytics you'll have everything in one place, and in the same time, you can filter the data according to the device the user uses. If you had two versions, you'd be required to keep your statistics separate and the analysis would be much more cumbersome.

It's a matter for ease of use. This is great news for webpages and statistical analysis that aid in decisions. Above all, it is beneficial in the field of marketing, so keep that in your mind.

It is much simpler to manage a single website.

Like I mentioned earlier, statistics are easier to comprehend using just one web page. However, it is an important aspect to be considered in business management. Rec

Remember that you make investments into your website's search engine optimization to earn an income.

Calculating the return can be more difficult if you have multiple websites. If you consider the user's preference for mobile-friendly versions and mobile versions, the mobile version will likely give you a higher return on your investment. The desktop version is less expensive, all dependent on the amount of visits it gets.

It is also more cost-effective to keep your website up-to-date since there is only one version. If you have to make modifications, it's quicker, takes less time, and generates less cost.

Responsive Web Design: Investment into the future

I mentioned it at the beginning, and I'll reiterate it to you at end. The trend of using mobile devices is solidified which means it isn't going to change. We will not return to desktop computers. It is a smart decision to invest in responsive web design.

Your site will to provide an excellent experience on any device, even if you make significant changes. Sure, you'll need to improve something in the near future however, it won't be as significant as the leap from a non-responsive web page to one that is.

There are many reasons to have an internet business. As you might have noticed, I have always said it's about being creative and keeping up with the latest trends. It's a requirement to do so and it's not an option.

Is responsive web design more effective than adaptive? I'll show you how to pick between the two!

Responsive or adaptive web design? I will teach you how to decide between one or the other!

Are you flexible or responsive? The million euro question! Google is not going to allow you to choose between two different types of web design. But, a lot of people aren't sure which to choose. Are you one of those? This post will help you take a decision and help you improve the experience of users (UX) for your target audience.

It's like placing bets on Real Madrid and Barca, it's being responsive or adaptive. It's like deciding, based on statistics and championships, whether Messi is superior to CR7 or not.

What I'm saying is that, like the two teams and players, Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Web Design have their fans and their critics despite the fact both designs seem to fulfill the same purposes on a web page. It's clear that you need to pick one or the other. Google will penalize websites which don't adjust to mobile searches.