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Do you have any advice about improving French listening skills?

Please help give me advice to help me improve my french listening skills? Would you recommend certain websites?? My writing and speaking are ok but it's just the listening ...Thanks


Best way to improve spanish listening skills?

I have been watching a lot of spanish television. I have learned from textbook as well as from friends but for the most part text book. I am seventeen years old and I have been learning formal spanish since freshmen year, now in senior year I am much more fluent. I began to watch spanish telenovelas and t.v in general when I was 16 and now at 17 I am starting to decipher the words. At first, I ask homework questions online free and it was learning and getting used to the phrases and words but now it seems like the picture is becoming..clearer..know what I mean? It is kind of like I was wearing glasses at first andmy vision was blurred and now the picture in front of me is becoming clearer. I want to know if there are any other ways of improving my spanish listening skills. I am fluent in writing, reading, and speaking.

Improving French listening skills?

If I have french news radio on for about 15 mins every day, will I get better at French, even if I'm not consciously listening to it? I mean, if it's just on in the background whilst I'm concentrating on something else. Thanks.

How can I improve my listening skills when I hear a language spoken?

Whenever I hear someone speak Chinese mandarin , they speak really fast and I can't understand a single word... How can I understand them better?

Listening to the radio constantly to help listening skills?

Someone told me that listening to the radio consistently would help my listening skills with French. She said it doesn't even matter if I'm concentrating 100 %, but as long as it's in the background. It apparently worked for her after a while.How practical is that? Would it help? I've tried it today and I see myself picking up a few phrases here and there without even concentrating on the radio.

Hello, I need to improve my listening skills in Russian. What radio stations can you recommend me to listen on? internet? My level in Russian is quite good. I particularly enjoy cultural or news stations in Russian. So, what internet addresses of Russian speaking radio stations could you recommend me? Thnx 4 u help.

(English help), how can I improve my listening skills?

When I listen to BBC or math homework answers video, I totally understand what they say, however sometimes I wonder and can't understand more than 50 % of the talk.I.E this interview with my favorite football player watch?

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