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ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE TALK: Thurs, August 22, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Artists-in-Residence Talk: 
Andrew Mancuso, Toby Millman, Ashely Lynn Pastore

Come over to the Morgan for a triple Artist-In-Residence Talk with Andrew Mancuso, Toby Millman, and Ashley Lynn Pastore.

These artists have been working on projects in the Morgan’s studios. They will present short talks, addressing their conceptual, technical, and artistic influences as well as the processes they experimented with during their residencies.

Pizza, beverages, and an interesting dialogue will be provided!

As always, our artist talks are free + open to all.


Andrew Mancuso:
"I am an individual who preserves the past for a living, which informs my experience as a practitioner of photography. By using an ever-growing archive of found materials to create autonomous artworks, I often create work using resurrective tactics, enabling forgotten objects and places to undergo some form of transubstantiation. This allows me to step out of my normal role of mitigating the inevitable progression of time and reinterpret what an object could mean.

My artistic endeavors are investigations into the concepts of ephemerality and preservation. By contesting the division between the realm of culture and the realm of cultural heritage, I try to reflect on the closely related subjects of history and memory. This residency has focused on using highly degraded cellulose acetate negatives from a deaccessioned archival collection (ca. 1940's) to create a curated selection of prints using a process that complimented the blue gasses released within the film layers, cyanotype was an obvious choice."

Toby Millman:
"I am working on an artist book while at the Morgan titled, Family Business. The project began when I discovered my father’s accumulated stash of business cards and ephemera related to the now defunct import/export electronics company started by my grandfather, Irving Kryss, and his brother, Josef, in the early 1970s. The business, which went by several names, eventually shifted focus from cassette tape recorders and portable televisions, to bed sheets and tablecloths, and at one time had offices in Colón (Panama), Caracas (Venezuela), Hong Kong and Miami, Florida – where I grew up. As a printmaker, the cards themselves fascinate me, some of them are foil stamped and embossed while others are crudely designed and cheaply printed. However, I am also interested in how these objects tell my family’s story of immigration and journey toward self-reliance."

Ashley Lynn Pastore:

"I'm fascinated by the vastness of human experience and how our brains and bodies process time. My work is an exploration of memory. I want to understand the time in between events and how much of that time makes up the feeling or ideas we have of our own past, how we remain present and plan for the future. Through dated imagery and words from magazines and books, I hope to create a space in which one might relate and possibly have feelings of nostalgia. At the same time reminding us of where we come from in hopes that it may influence the decisions we make about our future. Through repetition and pattern I hope to create a sense of presence. The images I create are meant to explore what the collective conscience might look like. I hope to portray themes that can possibly be translated through most people’s lives, bringing us together in a culture that so strongly encourages separation."


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