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Morgan Equitable
Artist Fund


Thanks to the support of our community and seed funding from the Cyrus Eaton Foundation, the Morgan Equitable Artist Fund awards full scholarships for papermaking, bookbinding, and printmaking workshops to aspiring, emerging, and established artists in Northeast Ohio. Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, and Pacific Islander-identifying artists are highly encouraged to apply to the Morgan Equitable Artist Fund for our 2024 Summer Season Workshops. 

The Morgan Equitable Artist Fund was designed to expand creative programming for underrepresented artists, further encourage paper and book arts locally, and reflect the diversity of our community. This summer, The Morgan is hosting a hybrid workshop season that will incorporate in-person and virtual workshops centering on traditional paper, printmaking, and book arts. Selected individuals will be applying to take a summer workshop from our 2024 season catalog. Our workshops are developed by teaching artists to provide opportunities to learn craft traditions and techniques in an environment that fosters creativity. Each workshop is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who are interested in furthering their skill set or learning entirely new skills!

Generously supported by our community and the Cyrus Eaton Foundation.

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