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Jessica Pinsky


'Dissection Series no. 61'

Handwoven and Dyed and Dipped in Resin

Conscious life is understood to be between birth and death. This creates a circle, the beginning of nature and its association with geometry. If one subscribes to a belief in reincarnation, the circle is expanded to include birth, death and then re-birth. As an artist I am interested in the concentrated, visual space just before and after life, death and re-birth. What is the sensory experience one holds at those pivotal times?

What does the energy look like as it is transformed? Does it decompose and then expand? These questions allow for an exploration in color, material and geometry. I use natural fiber because of its connection to human skin and tissue, and because of the tactility of textiles and its connection to human experience and memory.

Weaving represents the inherent geometry of life and by stressing, cutting and manipulating this geometry, I constantly challenge and question this reality.

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