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The Leave a Message Community Project

Art Books Cleveland is inviting you to participate in their upcoming exhibition Leaves and Leaving. 

Please take a leaf, write a message, and place it in the green basket. The messages will be collected and hung through the duration of Leaves and Leaving, October 15th to November 20th, in the Morgan Gallery. The subject of your message is your choice, but idea prompts include: poems, thoughts, wishes, hopes, farewells or  just words that mean something to you. 

At the end of the exhibition, November 20th from 5pm to 8pm, there will be a special reception where we will read the messages aloud and burn the leaves in order to release the messages into the universe.

Thank you for participating.


Art Books Cleveland Presents: 
Leaves and Leaving

October 15 to November 20

Closing Reception: November 20

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

"Leaves and Leaving” shows work created by Art Books Cleveland members before, during and after the Covid quarantine.  Artist books, collage and other paper-related art express the wide range of interpretations of the dual-themed exhibition from leaves as objects to renderings of what has left or been left behind. 

Featuring: Bette Bonder, Diane Britt, Phyllis Brody, Susan Cobbledick, Gene Epstein, Amy Fishbach, Nancy Halbrooks, Jane Hammond, Jeanetta Ho, Christina Holtier, Laura Martin, Rachel Morris, Ellen Strong, Glenda Thornton, Carole Wallencheck, Anne Weissman, Tony Williams, Shari Wolf

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