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Nicole Donnely

Loreto Greve 

Her work of visual arts has been related to the study and experimentation in the discipline of engraving and analog photography, with a specialization in lithography on stone. At present she is studying a Master in Research and Photographic Creation at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago.


Born in Santiago, Chile.

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Artist Statement 

My work in the visual arts are influenced by the engraving and the processes that involve the transfer of an image,
and the proficient of the materials with that purpose. Starting from the collection of elements in the nature and
the disarmament of technological artefacts, I can use and to observe them like as a way of research. The shape, the
texture and the function of the elements, they give my clues to make collages or assembly, to build new paradigms
and to allow understood the symbiosis between the human being and nature. I give shape to a “visual essays”,
through the conection of nature elements and objects like a way to understand our altered situation on the planet.
The concrete poetry, the language and the graphic image converge in an exploration, at a human scale and frail,
that allow me to get to close and to reveal, in a intimate manner, that which our glance overlooked, slowdown the


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