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ATNSC + The Morgan: An Artist-Centered Partnership in Hospitality

We are honored to announce a new experiment in hospitality an artist-led organization partnership between ATNSC & the Morgan Conservatory

Beginning in 2024, the Morgan is pleased to partner with ATNSC: Center for Healing and Creative Leadership, in offering housing for BIPOC Morgan Artists-in-Residence. ATNSC (pronounced Ata-en-sic) is an artist-run urban gathering space that facilitates healing and creative leadership. Located in the historic Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood of Cleveland, ATNSC seeks to reclaim this place for people to heal, create, read, collaborate and forge relationships.

We believe how artists, and in particular, Indigenous artists and artists of color, enter our ecosystem matters–that we want all artists to have an experience that will keep them connected and catalyze a desire to return to our community- whether traveling locally, nationally, or internationally. We are grateful to ATNSC for their inspiring vision and generosity and the ability to join in creating environments of artistic growth, hospitality, and care during a place-based experience in our Cleveland community. 

To learn more about ATNSC, visit their website at or follow them @atnsc on Facebook & Instagram!

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Albert Woodward
4 days ago

The Morgan is excited to announce a partnership with ATNSC: Center for Healing and Creative Leadership, beginning in 2024. This collaboration aims to provide housing for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Morgan Artists-in-Residence.

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Theodore Evans
Apr 05

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eva willms
Apr 03

This partnership reflects Morgan's commitment to creating inclusive and equitable opportunities for artists as well as their recognition of the importance of the artist experience within their Run 3 ecosystem .

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