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Nicole Donnely

Artist Statement 


"The idea of Nature as an object of veneration and worship is as old as man. Tied into this worship of nature is the idea that all things are interconnected, and no one thing is dominant over another. As our world continues to face critical issues affecting the environment, social equality, ethics, and morality, the need to understand this symbiotic relationship and embrace eco-psychology becomes more apparent than ever. I present nature in a sacred space in order to bring about a deeper understanding of the importance of the issues at hand and to help others recognize the role nature can play as a teacher, therapist, and healer."


"This body of work resulted from a trip to the Amazon Reserve for Peace, Selva Vida Sin Fronteras, Ecuador. A non-profit grassroots organization, it serves as an agent for social change to help safeguard the Amazon rainforest


The composited photographs from the Amazon are adhered to wooden panels. I applied encaustic medium made up of beeswax and damar resin on top of the print and then embedded natural materials into the hot wax. The final image is fused together by heating it with a heat gun and melting the wax.


The layers in my work signify the many ways the environment and humanity overlap and are entwined. The indigenous children of the rainforest are impacted most of all. With this work, I hope to foster increased awareness of the Amazon rainforest and its fragile environment."

Char Norman is an accomplished fiber artist specializing in papermaking and fiber sculpture. She received a Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Art from Scripps College. She has lectured and exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has developed and conducted workshops for all ages, worked as a consultant to area schools and community arts organizations, held the positions of Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty at Columbus College of Art & Design and has now returned to the studio as a full-time professional artist.

Helen Hoffelt is a photographic artist who specializes in alternative photographic processes. Her work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and has appeared in various publications. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from State University of New York at Buffalo. She has taught in New York, Montana and Italy. Currently she is a professor at Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.

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