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Nicole Donnely

Nancy Halbrooks 

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Artist Statement 

From the beginning of the Covid pandemic, my artwork took new directions that I would not have imagined before. I started to make boxes based on a workshop that I took through the Morgan Paper Conservatory on French Cartonnage. After making several Icosahedron boxes, a multi-faceted open form made from one piece of book board, I expanded into new forms. Crayon Boxes, Nesting Boxes, and Box with a Twist. But the Icosahedron form continues to be my favorite. I began marbling three years ago. The work began to move away from creating patterns into making prints from marbling. This is a form of painting on a sized surface and pulling a print from the surface. The application of multiple layers of marbling on one paper is a new direction. And most recently I have begun creating collages. The collage process has been in turn influenced by what I have learned through box making and includes decorative and marbled papers. The process of creating the collages is intuitive. The work overall is becoming more and more process-oriented. This time of pandemic has allowed me to stretch into the new subject matter and expanded my skills, techniques, and processes. I think of this new practice as a form of solace. It has been a way to share gifts, a way to distract myself from worry, and to bring pleasure to others. It in return has brought me a calm and spiritual practice of creating.

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