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Congratulations Are In Order For Our Juried Show Artists!

We held our 10th annual Juried Exhibition on March 25th and to say it was successful would be an understatement! The theme for this year's exhibition was Introspection/Retrospection, and the breadth of work that was created to capture this idea was truly astounding. This is our first exhibition in our 2022 season, with artists hailing from 40 different states across the country. Guests celebrated, connected with each other and the art, as well as voted for our Viewer's Choice award. The invention of paper was a catalyst to the surge of education and development of art around the world. Here at the Morgan, we not only preserve the

authentic techniques of papermaking but celebrate the innovation artists are creating with paper as a medium. It continues to trigger inspiration and impact almost every aspect of our lives. With our annual juried exhibition, we are able to continue this exploration and celebration of the paper arts!

The featured artists of this exhibition are Melissa Arnold, Miranda Maher, Keegan Adams, Susan Twining, John Saile, Charles Wisseman, Joyce Gold, Claire Bowman, Jennifer Leach, Meryl Engler, J. Leigh Garcia, Henry Obeng, Judith Quinn Garnett, Patricia Brett, Anne Marble, Thomas Macie, Diane Britt, Char Norman, Sage Serrano, Veronica Pham, Raluca Iancu, Lisa Schonberg, Wendy Partridge, Jennifer Scheuer, Sarah Schlosser, Alan Pocaro, Linda McConaughy, Kimberly Obee, Ciel Rodriguez, Katharine DeLamater, Nancy Halbrooks, Emma Kayhart, Amy Childress, MaryBeth Boone, Genevieve Lapp, Hannah O'Hare Bennett, Steven Kostell, Virginia Yazbeck, Dorsey Hogg, Anne Kelly, Deborah French.

Our best-in-show award winner was Jennifer Scheuer for her piece “Aspiration/Mullein”. It was lithography printed on paper. Our runner-up of the show Katharine DeLamater for her artist book printed from metal type, with photopolymer and pressure printing, “Ritual

Mining”. Our three awards of merit went to Anne Marble for her piece “Vessel”, Joyce Gold for her piece “Collection 4” and J. Leigh Garcia for her piece “Texas 1050”. On the night of the opening guests were invited to participate in the people’s choice adjudication, where whichever artist at the end of the evening had the most votes would win a $50 Morgan gift card. Keegan Adams was our award winner with his piece “Spellcraft”

To view the rest of the pieces in this exhibition, you still have time to view them in our gallery through May 6, or you can visit our website here and view the posted gallery shots!

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