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Rainey Institute Summer Workshop Success!

We so thoroughly enjoyed teaching the students from The Rainey Institute at their custom workshop class. Something we offer to interested organizations is to work with our staff to create a custom experience for their students or participants. Whether this be in the paper studio, print studio, or bindery, our artists on staff are excited to be able to share and cultivate an arts experience for your students or participants, and we do this all year round!

The students at the Rainey Institute, mixed ages from elementary to high school, worked both in our paper studio and print studio. Half the group worked one on one with one of our

artists in the print studio to use our letterpress station to create their own prints, which they created their own collages with. The other half of the students were working in our paper studio creating sheets from pulp, and pulp painted. Pulp painting is a technique which uses dyed colors of processed pulp fiber to either free hand “paint” or layer with stencils on top of a pulled sheet of paper, before we press and dry them. This way, the layers used for “painting” will be pressed right into the sheet as if they were all one to begin with!

This partnership is one we love to continue since we are both Midtown neighbors! If you have a group or school interested in working with us to curate a custom workshop throughout the year, give us a call at 216.361.9255 to work out all the details.

A little bit more about The Rainey Institute, “Since 1904, Rainey Institute has changed countless lives through education and engagement in

performing and visual arts. We recognize potential in all its forms and embrace children with no arts background just as readily as those with perfect pitch. Whether it is after school, on weekends, or over the summer, Rainey Institute is a creative oasis for those who need us most. Rainey Institute has served as a community anchor in Cleveland’s historic Hough neighborhood for more than a century. Today, Rainey Institute’s on-campus and off-site programming change the lives of over 2,500 children each year!”

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