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Vaughn Wascovich

Vaughn Bridge Swirl.jpg
Detroit-Superior Bridge, 2013

Photo-intaglio print with relief roll, limited edition of 50. 

Signed and numbered by the artist recto. 

Dimensions: Paper Size, approximately 22" x 30".

Image size, 7" x 17"

A generous donation by the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation 


Wascovich collaborated with printmakers Michael Loderstedt and Christi Birchfield at Zygote Press to create this print based on Wascovich’s photograph of Detroit-Superior Bridge, featured in the show "Bridging Cleveland" one of the inaugural shows at the Transformer Station. Loderstedt experimented with several different kinds of printmaking processes before settling on a combination of photo etching with relief roll. In his photographic work, Wascovich scans an image produced from a handmade pinhole camera and manipulated by hand in the darkroom. Loderstedt’s interpretation of Wascovich’s work, while respectful of its source, fundamentally changes the work by reintroducing traces of an artist’s hand.

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