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Book Binding at Home

An introduction to the basics of book binding at home with Andrew Mancuso and Fran Kovac.

Andrew R. Mancuso is the Preservation Officer at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and a photographic process fanatic. His creative work is informed by historic formulas and practices with an emphasis on the technical aspects of the creation of photographs.


Fran Kovac is a student and teacher of bookbinding and uses all the curiosity of both in her private practice in Cleveland, Ohio.  A student of the history of bookbinding, Fran has recreated historic bindings, and uses many historic techniques and sewings in making contemporary decorated bindings.  Since 2009, she has taught at the Morgan Conservatory, Hollander's and for San Diego Book Arts, and, through workshops, has studied bookbinding with book historians Julia Miller, Pam Spitzmueller and Jim Croft, among others.

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