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John Saile

Dreamy Evening Sky on Sunset Lake

Manipulated digital screen print on handmade paper

John has been drawing, photographing, painting, printing and making paper for the past fifteen years. He studied at Cleveland State University with Peter Wells, Robert Thurmer and George Mauersberger. He has studied papermaking at the Morgan Conservatory with Tom Balbo and Julie MacLaughlin. John's printmaking is done at Zygote with the help of Rebekah Wilhelm. In his early education, John studied painting with
Thomas Thorne at The College of William and Mary.
Most of his work leans to abstraction, whether a screenprint, a painting, or in combination with other media. John photographs settings, drawings and poured images. He digitally deconstruct and recomposes the imagery. He then screen prints onto paper, canvas, and very often on paper that he has made at the Morgan. John maintains a steadfast
reverence for color, as he believes it is a vehicle on which our emotions are delivered.

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