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Nicole Donnely

Artist Statement 

The work I create explores rural and urban spaces, showing evidence of existence without revealing the inhabitants. My roots in the country, my current surroundings in the city, and the places I travel to are all influential. Buildings, entryways, doors, and back alleys offer continual fuel for my work. I examine the history of the place and comment on those discoveries. I am interested in creating a narrative for the viewer, a way into the environment I observe. Printmaking allows for literal layers of information to accumulate and create a record of my journey. Language and text from each region I explore will bring a new level of specificity to the work adding to the depth of my investigation. I have a love of the physicality letterpress brings to the paper and look forward to exploring this further.

Karen D. Beckwith 

Certain she needed to be an artist from the time she was a small child, Karen D. Beckwith graduated from the CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART in 1987 with a B.F.A in Printmaking and Illustration. In 1998 she became part of a premier group of printmakers who have successfully completed a TAMARIND INSTITUTE Master Printer Fellowship. This makes her one, of only a little over a hundred printmakers nationally, who has a registered chop mark with TAMARIND.

As a certified Master Printer and Professional Artist, Karen has worked collaboratively with well known artists. Karen’s personal body of artistic work has been widely exhibited and she is honored to be in prominent private and corporate printmaking collections across the United States. Karen has been dedicated to the creation of fine art printmaking for over thirty years and is as convinced today, as she was when she was a little girl, that a life as an artist is the only life for her!

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