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Pam McKee

Pam McKee has an MA in English literature and taught English for 25 years while attending art classes, workshops, and developing her art. Inspired by the work of Yoshiko Wada, Joan Morris, and Dutch artist Marian Bijlenga, she uses handmade paper for her work, which combines shibori resist dye techniques, printmaking, and hand stitching. Materials and process are a focus for her, and she enjoys using processes which limit her control and leave something to chance. Her work has been exhibited locally at Still Point Gallery, Juma Gallery, Heights Arts, Zygote Press, Howson Gallery at Judson Park, CWRU Gallery at MSASS, Kendal at Oberlin, Morgan Conservatory, and Group Ten Gallery, Kent


Artist Statement

I am drawn to layers, texture and complexity in my art, and materials and process are most important to me. I use handmade paper for my work because I appreciate its texture, strength, translucence, and evidence of the human hand in its imperfection. In many of my pieces I use hand stitching as a repetitive element. Not only do I love the meditative nature of stitching, but I am interested in the texture produced by thread on different surfaces. I try to work with processes that give me limited control because I like
leaving much to chance. I also try to explore different ways of seeing the same object
through repetition. Organic objects and elements from the earth are my inspiration.

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