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MP Marion

MP began papermaking in 1973 in Walter Hamady's lab with Joe Wilfer from the Madison Art Center. Soon she had her own Valley 1.5lb cast bronze Hollander beater, Lee Scott McDonald and E. Amies & Son (English-made) moulds and a huge 90 ton hydraulic press. By the '80s MP transitioned from her position as an educator to full time studio production.

In the early 80s arts and crafts festivals gained national momentum. People were fascinated by MP's handmade paper techniques so she kept making paper, making pictures and driving.

In 1992 she acquired all of Henry Morris' paper equipment from Bird & Bull Press to obtain the 10lb. Nobel and Wood beater.

Today MP is one of many artists pushing the boundaries of paper pulp as an art form. She continues to participate in the arts community on advisory boards and as a competition juror, while also exhibiting at galleries and museums.

MP's studio The Prints and The Pulper is located in central Ohio where she lives and creates in a spacious rural, rustic setting.

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