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Come One Come All, Our Annual Morgan Market Is Returning With Holiday Cheer!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Our Morgan Market is continuing this year with all its excitement of years past. Surrounding the holiday season, the Morgan Market is your one-stop shop for unique, one-of-a-kind, and charming handmade works of art. Our market will begin November 27 and will run through December 23, 2021. The pieces will decorate our gallery walls, and everything will be available for purchase, with a percentage going back to the artist and the Morgan.

This opportunity is exclusive to our Morgan members, a community of artists, educators, and enthusiasts dedicated to the Morgan's mission to preserve traditional practices in these disciplines. We offer multiple different tiers of memberships to fit everyone's specific needs. Artist memberships are geared towards artists and anyone who wants to build upon their current skills and develop further papermaking + book arts knowledge. These are the members who will be exhibiting in the market!

There are no restrictions on what you can exhibit and sell: 2D, 3D, prints, books, glass, ceramics, photography, jewelry textiles, and more. All handmade goods are welcome. There is a limit of 10 different items, with a maximum quantity of 20 per item. This means that one individual can have ten different things, whether prints, earrings, or artist cards, with a maximum of 20 pieces of that particular item (i.e., 20 prints, 20 earrings, and 20 cards).

We will also be offering online shopping again this year, with next-day in-store pickup or shipping.

Customers can expect one-of-kind pieces and surprises around every corner. We try to utilize every corner of our gallery space and store to showcase our amazing artists. There will be something for everyone! We can't wait to see you at the Morgan.

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