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Exciting Opportunities Coming To The Morgan, For Artists Across the Country!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Beginning in the new year, The Morgan Conservatory will be holding our 10th annual Juried Exhibition. The process is beginning now for submissions for the exhibition on view March 25th. Our jurors this year are Sienna Brown, a curator at the Cleveland Clinic, and Jared Ledesma, the senior curator at the Akron Art Museum. The theme of the exhibition is Introspection / Retrospection. Any piece that can fall under this category, and consists of 50% paper is eligible as a submission.

This opportunity is open for artists all across the country, and we love to see our own Cleveland artists submit for this exhibition. Calling forth periods of

isolation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our vision behind the theme for this year's exhibition is to celebrate the art that was conceived in times of isolation and reintegration, which could bring forth periods of introspection and retrospection. The invention of paper was a catalyst to the surge of education and development of art around the world. Here at the Morgan, we not only preserve the authentic techniques of papermaking but celebrate the innovation artists are creating with paper as a medium. It continues to trigger inspiration and impact almost every aspect of our lives. With our annual juried exhibition, we are able to continue this exploration and celebration of the paper arts.

Along with our National Juried Exhibition, the new year will also bring new artists-in-residence to our space. The Morgan's residency period runs throughout the year and can be scheduled for anywhere between a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project and work being produced. Selected artists are expected to follow studio rules and cleanup policies at all times during their residency. Artists are required to submit a brief project proposal outlining their timeline and the studios needed. The Morgan provides 24-hour access to its bindery, papermaking, and printing studios. If you are an interested artist in need of ideas for projects, click here to listen to our 2021 Artists-In-Residence speak about their time at the Morgan. The deadline to submit your application is Dec 31, 2021, make sure to take the time and gather your application materials, click here to learn more about the parameters for submission.

We are thrilled with continuing our artist's programming into 2022. All of this couldn't be possible without the generous support of our patrons and members of the Morgan. If you are interested in becoming a member, learn more here! If not, but still want to support the opportunities we create at the Morgan, please consider donating to our End-Of-Year campaign. Every donation helps us further develop our programming and ability to support artists in the Cleveland community. Click here to fill out your information, and we will send you an email consisting of the donation links.

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