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First Week in Cleveland


Ajpub’ García, the Morgan’s Maya Apprentice, has been in Cleveland for just over a week. He has spent much of that time settling in: he has been getting used to new meal schedules (and contents!) and a new time zone. He has found good running routes, Wi-Fi hotspots, and a library of books about paper- and bookmaking. He has met his new neighbors, old friends, and Morgan staff and Board members.

Ajpub’ García with Morgan Board members, staff, and friends (Photo courtesy of Paul Meyer)

Over Labor Day weekend, Ajpub’ was introduced to the Great Geauga County Fair, went fishing on Lake Erie, and ate burgers with friends. At the Fair he took photos of the tallest sunflower and the heaviest tomato, watched racing pigs, and ate a gyro.

Photo courtesy of Ajpub’ García

Out on the Lake he saw the Blue Angels and caught a walleye for dinner.

Photo courtesy of Paul Meyer.

And with friends, he talked about all his ideas and hopes for what he will do back in Guatemala with what he will learn at the Morgan. There are many possibilities but they are not the only activities that await him. Besides his apprenticeship, he is working via on-line connections with three other linguists to produce grammars in three closely related Mayan languages: K’iche’, Kaqchikel, and his own native language Tz’utujiil. And he is also pursuing his own research project on the use of medicine in the Popol Vuh, the great Mayan origin text, a continuation of work he did for his recently awarded Master’s degree. So he’s gonna be busy!

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