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Welcome Back Leonard Young!

The Morgan Board of Directors appoints Leonard. D. Young as Interim Executive Director

The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation (The Morgan) announced today the appointment of Leonard Young as the Interim Executive Director. Mr. Young has pledged to lead the staff and guide the Board of Directors to an effective solution for reopening amid the continued challenges of COVID-19 locally and nationally. He will contribute to the strategic initiatives necessary in safely adapting The Morgan’s mission in a world changed by the pandemic. 

The Morgan is best known for its workshops in hand papermaking, book arts, and printmaking featuring regional, national and international experts teaching a broad range of historic and contemporary paper arts techniques and methods. Previous to the pandemic, it was precisely our hands-on studio environment that attracted workshop participants from around the country. Under Leonard Young’s leadership the staff, including The Morgan’s Founder and Artistic Director, Tom Balbo, will address a  reopening plan to create a safer studio, gallery and store experience. The Morgan plans to deliver a combination of virtual and in-person programs.

Providing non-profit management professional services as a consultant has positioned Mr. Young to meet the needs of two separate yet similar organizations. As of today, Mr. Young serves as the Interim Executive Director for both The Morgan and Zygote Press. Both Bruce Edwards, Chair of Zygote’s Board and Maggie Denk-Leigh, The Morgan’s Board Chair recognized a unique opportunity to independently engage Leonard Young’s services in light of the challenges of COVID-19. He is guiding each organization in designing and implementing safe and innovative programs that build on past strengths and employ fresh ideas and approaches.

"With the help and collaborative leadership of Leonard Young, the staff and board of Zygote Press are doing a tremendous job of keeping our operations safe, stable and running throughout the shutdown and as we transition the organization toward a new Executive Director. We value the contributions that The Morgan makes to artists in this community and know that Mr. Young will offer the guidance that is necessary for us all to thrive." said Mr. Edwards.

Maggie Denk-Leigh reached out to Mr. Young upon the departure of The Morgan’s Executive Director, Geri E. Unger, who completed just over a year in the position on August 7, 2020. Leonard previously served as Chief Operating Officer, then Executive Director of The Morgan from September 2017 to July 2019. “Bruce and I, with our Boards’ support, see the benefit of sharing Leonard’s time and talent to meet each organization’s current needs. Leonard is proactive, inspires staff teamwork and is very insightful in recognizing opportunity when it presents itself,” said Ms. Denk-Leigh.

Looking into November for 2020, we are working toward our Annual Kozo Harvest with considerations for an outdoor, socially distanced event. You will be able to find updates on our website. Leonard Young can be reached at

Stay connected! Keep updated on social media: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Our Kozo (Japanese Mulberry) has grown to be 12-15 feet tall. We're planning a socially distanced Kozo Harvest in November. Stay tuned for further details.

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