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Anna Wagner

Anna Wagner is a visual artist who explores death through different mediums and materials.  Having earned a B.A. in Art History from William & Mary and an M.F.A. in Printmaking from Ohio University, Wagner's work is informed by a close study of history and craft.  Wagner's employment history includes a period of teaching full-time as a Professor of Art & Art History at Arizona Western College, working as a fabricator of corporate artwork in Brooklyn for Novo Art, and living in a commune in central France.  Information regarding her shows and gallery representation can be found on her website:

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Artist Statement

According to some interpretations of Christian theology, salvation may be offered only to a select few and not to others. The idea that some people may be born ‘irredeemable’ troubles me.

Through my artwork I explore the lives (and deaths) of people who are, according to Christian teachings, sinners. I conduct research on this topic through my own lifestyle choices. My subject matter is based off of my own personal experiences and seeks to glorify and find the beauty in this life, as well as speculate about what might happen after death, within an existence devoid of the presence of the Christian God.

I prefer antiquated techniques such as hand-drawn rendering, ink wash, etching on copper, and carving wood. In using traditional materials to create artwork whose moral suggestions contradict mainstream Christian historical expectations, I seek to glorify people who are never championed and affirmed by the Christian faith.

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