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DATE: Fri, May 5 – Sat, June 17,  2017 | OPENING RECEPTION: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Indelicate Truths

2016 Artists-in-Residence Exhibition

Alexandra Janezic, Anna Tararova, Ann Waddell 

Indelicate Truths is an exhibition of work created during the 2016 Morgan Conservatory Artist-in-Residence program. 


Alexandra Janezic is a visual artist and letterpress printer interested in the intersection between text and image, particularly where text has the potential to become image. She printed a book about women stenographers, using content gleaned from psychology studies of the 1930s. 


Anna Tararova is a printmaker, book artist, and papermaker. She spent eight weeks last summer at the Morgan Conservatory creating pulp paintings and screen printing halftone photographs of Russia, Atlanta and Cleveland. A portion of this work explored urban history of injustice through pulp painting and screen printing.


Ann Waddell is an artist and art teacher based in New York City. During her residency, she expanded upon her body of work containing abstract, strange, grotesque and funny pulp paintings of bodies on handmade paper. She also began a new series of work; Ann embedded images of women found in post-WWII women's magazines, recasting the traditional-seeming women in these images to be powerful, deceptive, playful, and exuberant.

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